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Tracy Ayling, Litigation Support Consultant

Finding a way… or creating one.

Manage your cases, projects, and E-trials more efficiently by using your technology to its full potential. Litigation support consultant Tracy Ayling bridges the gap between IT and legal to find and implement real solutions that support your firm’s seamless performance and evolution.

From strategic planning and implementation of new technology, to case management, project management and training, digital trial design, setup and support, Tracy Ayling offers a full menu of customized litigation support services designed to drive your success.

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Our firm worked with Tracy on a complex and lengthy Aboriginal treaty trial that spanned a number of years and thousands of documents. She provided exceptional support to our team on technical, trial management and e-trial issues, including in-house training on Summation and managing an e-trial and common book. I have met few specialists or lawyers that could match her attention to detail. We were grateful for her skilled (and great-natured) litigation and technology support.  I would recommend her to any legal team, particularly to implement a digital trial or utilize technology for document management and trial preparation.

Allison Russell - Legal Counsel, Rana Law, Vancouver, BC (2015-2016, first digital trial in Victoria, BC, West Moberly)

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