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About Tracy Ayling – Litigation Support Consultant

Helping you navigate the changing legal landscape.

With a unique approach to solving issues, decades of industry experience, a strong business background, and fluency in IT and legal terminology, Tracy Ayling delivers unparalleled litigation support.

As technology advances rapidly, the legal industry finds new ways to use it to manage cases and trials more effectively. Tracy can help you stay competitive by taking advantage of the modern tools available to you.

From case managing dozens of large, precedent-setting cases to establishing and managing complex databases still used widely today, you can rely on Tracy to face any challenge head-on. Her extensive and varied experience in business and law has made her adept at managing people, information and technology, and given her a deep understanding of how they work together toward success.

Tracy has extensive knowledge of the most current litigation support software, having tried and tested many platforms to find out how they can help her clients succeed. She can recommend the best technology product for your needs, and provide implementation and training support to help you get the most from your investment.

Prior to working in law, Tracy accumulated 14 years of business management experience in a variety of sectors. Managing large businesses and developing successful business plans has given her a unique perspective in her current position as litigation support consultant.

Recent Highlights:

2015-2017  Victoria BC - Advised/Designed/Built Digital Trial Platform, Court Protocol, and E-Common Book format. Project Managed file (Plaintiffs) and team on research projects, structured projects and scope, while harnessing the technology where possible. I also managed the large database. This very complex high value Aboriginal land claims case currently has a Common Book of 10,000 documents, and is growing. Trial will take 1.5 years to complete.

2014-2016  Victoria BC's First Highly Successful Digital Trial - Advised/Designed/Built Digital Trial Platform, Court Protocol, and E-Common Book format. Trained legal team (Plaintiffs - two firms), managed database, structured legal research projects to harness technology where appropriate for complex, lengthy Aboriginal trial.

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