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Aboriginal Law Research & Analysis

Passionate dedication to a unique area of law.

A skilled litigation support consultant with experience in case management and a strong technical background is an asset to any legal team, but in unique areas, a specialized approach is required.

Litigation consultant Tracy Ayling has demonstrated her dedication to Aboriginal legal issues for over 13 years, working on dozens of cases across a wide variety of legal issues. She was a Senior Researcher and Technical Consultant to the Attorney General of Canada for 10 years on large, complex litigations, and has worked on behalf of Plaintiff First Nation Band cases for the past three years. Tracy is passionate about providing fact-based services with the highest degree of integrity in cases involving Aboriginal law, including case and project management, case research and analysis, research plan development, technical training, reviewing case law and providing key analysis.

Areas of Experience:

Get an experienced and dedicated litigation support consultant working on your case or project involving Aboriginal law. To learn more, book your consultation today.

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