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E-Trial Preparation & Support

A Digital and E-trial team for the digital age.

Digital E-trials are quickly becoming more common and are the future reality that every litigator will need to be able to navigate comfortably. With trials becoming increasingly complex, collaborating with an experienced E-trial consultant and team with versatile skills is essential for success. Managing every minute detail of a large trial is one thing, but when both paper and electronic documents come into play, things become even more complicated.

The advantages of having an E-trial are many. On average they are 25% less costly and time-consuming than a paper trial, which means they also address the over-burdened court system as E-trials are conducted more efficiently. They greatly reduce paper waste, particularly for large trials.  A question we’re often asked is: “When should a legal team consider having an E-trial, what is the threshold size?” The answer is if you have 500 documents or more.

As every litigator understands preparing for a small trial and a large trial are very different things. This applies to E-trials as well. Every case is unique and has its own unique set of requirements and considerations. There is no one-size fits all.

Your e-trial team, led by Tracy Ayling with over 20 years of litigation experience, in general case project management of large, complex and high value litigations, including 12 years of setting up and managing e-trials in BC and Alberta, we can find the best path forward for you and your legal team whether we represent a sole party or all-party arrangement.

Project Management/General Advisement

We understand this is new territory for many litigators. We offer project management services designed to assist the party or parties in navigating the complex and sometimes overwhelming world of E-trials. We assist with drafting the key trial agreements to ensure that all facets are considered and a plan is in place so that your focus is where it should be: preparing your best case for trial, and not sweating the many details. Seeing around corners is key and requires experienced guidance to help you avoid any pitfalls. And it’s in every party’s interest to ensure that the Court is properly considered and a smooth orderly trial takes place.

E-Common Book Preparation and Management

Having a complete and 100% accurate E-Common Book is critical for all parties. The larger the E-Common Book the more this holds true. We offer neutral audit processes to ensure that the parties are literally on the same page and that all documents in the E-Common Book are correct. Finding out in the middle of trial that a key document isn’t in the E-Common Book, is missing pages, or that an objected-to-document was erroneously included can be a problem. Any inaccuracies between the Parties’ document identification can be easily flagged in our database, and updates sent to the parties for final confirmation, so that a document doesn’t end up in the E-Common Book that should not have been included. And should you need assistance with the final preparations of the E-Common Book we have you covered and guarantee 100% accuracy.

E-Exhibits and E-Common Book Storage

We offer an end-to-end encrypted storage platform and apps so that only those permitted can access your data in the cloud (Canadian data storage).  We can also configure this, so that if you prefer, multi-parties can access the documents and present directly from here or stand-alone systems. We will also update this throughout the trial so that you are fully current and up-to-date with any new documents entered at trial.

Multi-layered Backup Systems

Safeguarding your data is critical.  We offer a multi-layered backup and retention system to ensure that in the unlikely event that one system fails we can easily and quickly get you back up and running so that you and the Court don’t lose precious time.

Digital Trial Coordinator

All of the hard work and preparations you’ve made to ensure a successful E-trial doesn’t stop once the trial commences, it continues throughout the length of the trial. This is where both you and the Court maximize the benefits of a digital e-trial.

Managing the E-Trial system during the trial requires dedicated support. It is highly recommended that the parties use a neutral person to run the digital trial system and to maintain the same system throughout the trial. New documents coming into the trial will need to be integrated with the rest of the digital documents in order to properly utilize them. We offer full support to ensure the digital trial system is accurate and current. And for parties who would like regular database updates to ensure that they have the most accurate and up-to-date information throughout the trial, we offer customized updates for any database tool you are using.

E-Trial Training – The Parties

Most litigators are familiar with a paper-based trial. E-trials, particularly for those litigators who may not be as comfortable with technology require some getting used to. We understand this and want to ensure that you are as comfortable as possible before you get into the trial setting. All of your attention should be focused on presenting your best case, rather than managing this and technical considerations. We provide training at all levels on the E-Trial platform, and working with all of the various scenarios you will encounter, so that when trial begins you are ready.

E-Trial Training – The Court

Bringing the court into the E-trial environment is essential so that they are fully integrated into the trial process. Every trial and Judge is different and each has varying comfort levels with technology and preferences. Additionally, in most situations the court is already overly stretched with the existing resources they have; the last thing we want to do is add to their stresses. We offer free training for the Judge and Clerks so that they are equally able to navigate this and are comfortable with the environment.

Easy to Manage Digital Materials for the Court of Appeal

We believe that wherever possible preparing well includes considering the possibility of a case going before the Appellate court. Having materials in an easy-to-use and digital environment goes a long way to assisting the parties should the next stage become a reality.

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