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Law Firm TECHNOLOGY Strategic Planning + Project Management

Analyze, adapt, succeed, evolve.

Change is here. It isn’t happening next year or in five years, it’s now. How a law firm and practice, particularly a small to mid-size firm, plans and evolves in the technology space is key and will determine their success in the future.

The legal industry has been technologically lagging behind the rest of the business communities for some time now and given the unique nature of the legal industry for much of that time it wasn’t forced to adopt new technologies. BUT THAT HAS CHANGED. Clients are more technically savvy than their counsel, and the old ways of doing things simply won’t work anymore. Case sizes are growing and becoming more complex than ever, but budgets are not increasing to match, or worse they are being cut. And you still have to represent your Client properly regardless. Therefore, where can you turn to solve this dilemma?

The only place you can manage this effectively and sustain the longevity of your business is through strategic technology choices and efficiency. These two things are synonymous if a firm seeks success in the new technology landscape. What tools you utilize and how you work today is critical. Your competition is modernizing (or already has) and so must you.

Target your future success strategically. With our law firm strategic planning and legal project management services, you can reduce inefficiencies, improve your bottom line and serve your clients better. We deliver a high level of service with a lengthy background in business management and strategic planning.

We can help you:
• Assess your firm’s technical strengths and weaknesses
• Determine where you want to take your firm
• Build effective strategies to get you there

Technology Assessment

A big part of strategic planning involves analyzing your current technology and determining if it’s the right solution for your needs. The prospect of migrating to a new software platform can be intimidating, but it doesn’t have to be. We've evaluated and worked with all major evidence-based software solutions on the market and aren’t obligated to sell a particular solution–we focus on finding the right one for your practice. We’ll also make the transition and training as smooth as possible, all while ensuring you get the most value for your investment.

Examples of strategic planning and project management services:

Evaluate where you are now and implement a plan to bring your firm to the next level. Book a consultation today.

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